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People & Culture Coordinator

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Main Responsibilities:


Office Routine


1. To collect internal mail from Human Resources distribution box on arrival in the morning and immediately after lunch each day.


2. To complete the departmental timesheet, passing to the Director of Human Resources for authorization, prior to passing to the Payroll section.


3. To complete the labour timesheet each evening.


4. To requisition general office supplies for the department, complying with Hotel policy on requisitioning, purchasing and issuing of such supplies.


5. To liaise with the Printer on the supply of Human Resources related stationery, obtaining quoted cost, completing purchase request and passing to the Director of Human Resources for authorization, prior to confirming the order.


6. To check departmental distribution trays each morning, ensuring that items so distributed reach the appropriate personnel.


7. To answer departmental telephones in the prescribed manner, projecting a professional and positive image and directing calls to the appropriate personnel.


8. To take messages, where necessary, on behalf of the departmental personnel, passing on such messages to their recipient at the earliest opportunity.


9. To answer adjacent department’s telephones in the prescribed manner, assisting callers where possible or taking messages for onward transmission to the appropriate personnel.


10. To ensure that departmental post is sorted correctly and passed to the appropriate team members on a daily basis.


11. To make and retain copies of all correspondence (except standard letters), maintain appropriate files for easy retrieval of information.


12. To distribute internal mail to the appropriate location, ensuring that private and confidential items are adequately secured, prior to doing so.


13. To type departmental correspondence/reports accurately, in order of receipt (in the absence of more specific direction), from hand written or audio transcripts.


14. From an outline brief, to compose letters that are appropriate and reflect a positive image of the Hotel, in response to correspondence received on various issues.


15. To maintain a directory of current standard letters, distributing a letter code/listing to all other team members.


16. To archive files on an annual basis, or wherever directed by other departmental personnel.


17. To complete miscellaneous photocopying, faxing and distribution, as directed


Functional responsibilities


18. To produce written employment offers and particulars of employment, on instruction from selecting officer.


19. To obtain verbal references on prospective recruits from previous employers, where instructed to do so.


20. To ensure that written reference requests, covering the last three years employment, as a minimum.


21. To monitor written request return rates, submitting reminders to potential referees where necessary, and forwarding references received to the Director of Human Resources for perusal.


22. To liaise with the Security department in respect of potential and actual new employees.


23. To maintain up to date files for employees and leavers, ensuring that filing is completed in a timely and accurate fashion.


24. To ensure the accurate input of employee data in the Human Resources system.


25. To pass applicable details of authorised new starters, leavers and employee status changes to the payroll section, having first logged the changes, by the appropriate method, in the Human Resources department.


26. To collate employee self certification forms and medical certificates, advising the Payroll section and appropriate department of receipt of such items, filing as appropriate.


27. To process action documentation for terminating employees, completing Human Resources procedures (extracting file, reference response form) and liasing with Payroll section.


28. To maintain an accurate record of starters, leavers and transfer in the ‘Starter and Leaver Book’ producing a weekly Starters and Leavers List.


29. To produce accurate Internal Vacancy List on a regular basis and post in on the appropriate notice board, updating at least once a week.


30. To maintain other general notice boards in a neat and creative manner, monitoring and changing displays frequently to maintain employee interest, and ensuring the appropriateness of display items.


31. To conduct telephone screening of job applicants against a specified brief from the recruiting officer concerned, or in face to face situations with ‘walk ins’ from the street.


32. To copy accident reports, distributing copies to the Security and Accounts departments, the Director of Human Resources and ensuring that a copy is filed in the personnel file for the individual concerned and the accident report file.


33. To note and communicate staff consulting requirements with the Hotel occupational health service.


34. To distribute Employee of the Month forms on a monthly basis, handling the appropriate procedures once the winning employee is selected.


35. To participate in the Four Seasons Introduction Training Programme and any other agreed training activity, as directed by senior departmental personnel.


36. To conduct Hotel showrounds for student groups, in a manner and style consistent with the atmosphere and ambience of the Hotel.




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